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Story Telling, Timeless Photography

Documenting Your Day

I'm all about capturing those authentic, unscripted moments that make your wedding day truly special. Think of me as your personal storyteller, blending candid snapshots to craft a living, breathing narrative – just like a storybook overflowing with emotions. I'm on the hunt for those real laughs, those knowing looks, and those happy tears that come together to form the beautiful story of your love.

From the morning preparations...

01/02 evening's dance moves


South of UK or Anywhere Beyond

I've been fortunate to photograph weddings in some truly unforgettable locations, from the vibrant and eclectic "London God's Own Junk Yard" to the sleek and modern "London Gherkin," and even the picturesque "Wadhurst Castle." Whether you're planning a celebration in the heart of the city or a secluded countryside event, I'm here to capture your special moments.

About me

Who is Linas?

Your go-to wedding photographer with a relaxed and approachable vibe. I might be the one snapping the shots, but I promise, there's no stress when you're working with me.

Nature enthusiast at heart, I find inspiration in the great outdoors, which adds that extra touch of creativity to your special day. My camera becomes an extension of my passion for capturing the beauty of your love story, whether it's against the backdrop of a serene forest or in the heart of the city.

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